If you are a customer in the European Economic Area (EEA), you are to have 14 calendar days to cancel your order because you have changed your mind. This two week cancellation period starts from the day you have received all of the items in your order. Please note that to receive this refund you need to keep all items, original packaging, outer packaging and the packing slip included in your order.

If you receive faulty goods, you may also have a right to return these goods and to ask us to repair or replace them or get a refund.


We’re really sorry to hear if you’ve received an item that’s not in perfect condition. So that we can get this fixed for you please go to our 'Contact Us' form or call us on 01473 820 620

To help us get this fixed for you as soon as possible, when you first contact us please include the following information;

    -Your name
  • -Order number
  • -Product name and code
  • -Picture of the fault
  • -Description of the fault
  • - Picture of the Packing Slip included in your order

(The product name and code can be found on your order confirmation email).


If you’re a customer in the EEA, you get 14 days to cancel your contract with us

This two week period starts from the day after you receive your order (or from the day after you receive the last item of your order). You’ll need to write to us with notice of your cancellation.

If you have missing items in your order, you must keep the packing slip as your receipt, or we will not have enough information to process the refund.

Please note, if the delivery has been attempted twice or more and you were unavailable to receive the package / did not pick the package at the collection hub on time you will not receive a refund.