Sweet Potato Miniatures

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Sweet Potato Vodka Miniature - 5cl Sweet Potato Vodka is produced by hand in copper stills from the...
Sweet Potato Spiced Rum Miniatures Sweet Potato Spiced Rum is produced by hand in copper stills from the...
The Sweet Potato Flavoured Gin Gift Pack - 4 x 5cl A gift pack from The Sweet Potato...
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Sweet Potato Miniatures

The Sweet Potato Spirits Company had such great love and affection for sweet potatoes that they decided to incorporate it in alcoholic drinks, including other ingredients. The Scott family in USA is responsible for growing the sweet potatoes at their farm. The vegetables are transported to the company who then take up the distillation process.

Handcrafted from scratch using only the best handpicked sweet potatoes, raspberries and other botanicals and spices, each spirit is triple-distilled in small copper pot stills to ensure a smooth taste with none of the burn often associated with a tipple. The company, who has numerous awards in its kitty, produces a variety of premium spirits like rum, gin, vodka and liqueur. Whether you are a gin-lover or a vodka-person or someone who simply likes to sip rum, The Sweet Potato Spirits have different flavours to suit each taste and preference.

Browse the entire range of Sweet Potato mini bottles and save big on your orders. Whether you’re topping up your collection at home or creating a set of mini Sweet potato bottles for a friend or family member, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in our Sweet Potato miniature collection.