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Japanese Shochu 

Shochu is a traditional Japanese distiiled alcoholic spirit made from grains and vegetables. The most commonly used raw materials are sweet potatoes, barley, rice, buckwheat and sugar cane. Historians believe that Shochu was originally produced in China and Korean before making it's way to Japan in the 16th century. 

This traditional drink can be categorized into two types: Honkaku Shochu and Korui Shochu. Honkaku Shochu involves single distillation process while the latter uses consecutive distillation process. The process of producing shochu begins with the steaming of the raw material. It is then allowed to cool after which it under the process of Koji-kin. Koji-kin is used in Shochu production to break down the starches into fermentable sugars. Yeast and water is then added to convert the sugar to alcohol. The liquid is then distilled, stored and aged to produce high quality Shochu. You can drink it drink it straight, or with a certain amount of ice and water, or added with warm water. You can also mix it up with some soda water to add a little flavour to your drink. 

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