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Doornkaat German Plain Schnapps Miniatures Mini Doornkaat German Plain Schnapps 4cl pack is made from both wheat and rye...
Berentzen Doornkaat Schnapps-10cl
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Doornkaat German Schnapps 10cl Doornkaat German Schnapps are made using triple distilled wheat grain spirit combined with softened...
Berentzen Doornkaat Schnapps 24x 4cl Miniature Pack Berentzen Doornkaat is a traditional German Maize-based schnapps, that is clean...
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We stock the finest German Schnapps and Icelandic Schnapps, perfect for parties, trips or even on the sofa at home!

From Apple Schnapps, Fruit Schnapps and even Plum and Apricot, we are sure to have your tipples of choice!