Jack Daniels Whiskey

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Jack Daniels Small Bottle A miniature bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select Tennessee whiskey, this whiskey has...
Jack Daniels Honey Miniatures- 5cl The Jack Daniels Honey miniature is all about delivering ‚úa little bit of...
Jack Daniels Tennessee Miniatures According to unconfirmed accounts the Jack Daniels Old No.7 mini is made from the...
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire Miniatures Highly recommended to be taken on the rocks or slightly chilled, the Jack...
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Jack Daniels Miniatures

A name that is synonymous with whiskey, Jack Daniels boasts of a signature taste- the result of a recipe that has been passed over generations. The history of Jack Daniels goes way back to the 1800s when a young Jack ran and purchased a piece of land in Lynchburgh, Tennessee and started building the foundation of the world famous whiskey.

Corn, rye and barley are the main ingredients used. The water used in the production is obtained from the limestone-rich cave Spring Hollow, located next to the distillery. The whiskey is dripped through 10ft of hard sugar maple charcoal, and the resultant liquid is smooth and has a unique distinctive flavour. A bottle of Jack tastes best when enjoyed neat, or over ice. It also goes well in a variety of concoctions like Whiskey Sour, Manhattan, Moscow Mule or a Hot Toddy, perfect to be sipped on a cold winter evening.

The quality of Jack Daniels whisky has remained consistent over the years and has been enjoyed by people all across the globe. Browse our range of this exceptional drink including Jack Daniels Honey miniatures. Whether you’re topping up your collection at home or creating a set of Jack Daniels miniatures for a friend or family member, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in our Jack Daniels miniature collection.