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Hendricks Gin 5cl From the master distillers of William Grant & Sons in the UK comes Hendrick’s Gin,...
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Hendricks Gin Miniatures

Hendricks Gin was established in the year 1886 by William Grant & Sons in Speyside. It is believed to have got its name from Janet Robert’s favourite rose gardener. Janet was the last surviving grandchild of Willaim. Hendrick’s gin gained huge popularity for making a gin that was surprisingly not London Dry gin. The botanicals used in making Hendricks involves traditional as well as non-traditional ingredients- juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, orange peel, cubeb berries, Bulgarian rose and English cucumber to name a few.

Hendricks gin production uses two copper pot stills- Bennett pot and Carter-Head still, which produce different styles of gin due to their construction, amount of copper contact and methods of distillation. The Carter-Head still produces a more subtle spirit with floral and sweet fragrances as compared to the Bennett pot which produces a heavy, oily spirit with a strong juniper flavour. The botanicals are macerated in the still for 24 hours before switching on the stills, allowing the flavour characteristic to pass into the spirit. Hendrick’s gin can be enjoyed with high quality tonic and a slice of cucumber or mixed in a variety of cocktails like Dirty Martini, Hendrick’s Gin punch, Cucumber & Rose Collins.

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