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Goslings Rum Black Seal Miniatures Goslings Black Seal 151 proof rum is one of the most widely exported...
Goslings Black Seal Rum Miniatures Goslings Black Seal Rum is one of the most widely exported products of...
Goslings Gold Seal Rum Miniatures  Gosling Gold Rum is the first new Goslings Rum for over 100 years....
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Goslings Rum Miniatures 

In the year 1806, James Gosling set out on sail from England to America. The charter ran out and he put up in the nearest port, St. George’s in Bermuda. Here, the Gosling brothers produced the distinctive black rum which later popularly became Black Seal, and the rest is history. The brand gets its name from the black wax which was originally used to seal the bottles. 

Goslings Rum is made from Molasses which is obtained after the production of sugar cane. Pot stills as well as continuous stills are used in the rum making process due to which the resulting juice boasts of both flavour and subtle elegance. It has a distinctive smoothness, rich flavour and notes of vanilla, butterscotch and caramel. Goslings rum can be enjoyed on the rocks, with water or in a Dark N Stormy cocktail which is also the national drink of Bermuda. 

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