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Gordons London Dry Gin Miniature - 5cl Gordon’s London Dry Gin miniature presents the same best-selling label of...
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Gordon’s Gin Miniatures

Developed by Alexander Gordon in 1769 in London, a place known for its exceptionally clean water, Gordon’s gin remains unchanged to this day and is, without doubt, a gin with a clean and crisp taste. In the early days, Gordon’s gin was hugely popular with the Royal Navy and bottles were distributed all over the world. The beast on the bottle of Gordon depicts a boar and legend says that a long lost ancestor of the Gordon clan rescued the King of Scotland from a wild boar and this is how the symbol was placed on the bottle. The recipe has been a secret for around 250 years and it is said that only 12 people know about it.

Traditional gin botanicals- juniper, angelica root, liquorice, orris root, orange and lemon peels are used in the making of Gordon’s Special London Dry gin. The juniper berries are hand-picked and stored for two years to intensify the oils and encourage the flavours to mellow out. Triple distilled, the gin has a luxuriously smooth texture with a bold juniper-led taste with zesty notes of citrus. Throughout the years, Gordon’s gin has gained passionate supporters from all over the globe and continues to do so.

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