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Casamigos Tequila Mini Bottles 

The tequila company owned by Hollywood superstar George Clooney and American businessman Rande Gerber was started in the year 2013. Cooney and Gerber were so fond of tequila that they decided to open their own brand of perfect tequila. The company promises that Casamigos tequila can be enjoyed neat and won’t leave you with a hangover. Casamigos means ‘House of Friends’ and is named after the property that is shared by Clooney and Gerber.

Casamigos tequila possesses a one-of-a-kind taste and undergoes a vast and intensive production process. The liquor made with 100% Blue Weber Agaves, grown in the highlands in Mexico, is roasted in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours and then fermented for an 80 hour period. A special yeast blend is used to achieve a consistent and refined flavour. Casamigo tequila has 3 types depending on the aging period and ingredients used. Blanco is aged for 2 months and offers a clean, crisp flavour with hints of vanilla, citrus and sweet agave. Reposado is aged for 7 months and offers soft, slightly oaky flavour with hints of caramel and cocoa. Anejo is aged for 14 months and offers a perfect balance of sweetness from the agaves, with hints of spices, oak, soft caramel and vanilla. Casamigos tequila tastes great on its own; however there are a number of recipes like margarita and paloma that go well with the drink.

Select your favourite flavours from our range of Casamigos miniature bottles. Whether you’re topping up your collection at home or creating a set of mini Casamigos bottles for a
friend or family member, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in our Casamigos miniatures collection.