Bailey Irish Cream Liqueur

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Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur Miniatures It's hard not to love a Baileys' Irish Cream Liqueur miniature from the...
Baileys Irish Cream 70cl Available for dispatch from Monday 11th November due to High Demand Baileys Original Irish...
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Bailey Irish Cream Liqueur

Baileys Miniatures & Gift Sets 

In the year 1974, David Band- also known as the godfather of Baileys had the vision to create an utterly indulgent liqueur. And thus began the journey of Baileys, created with two main ingredients: rich dairy cream and the finest whiskey. But the journey for David and his team wasn’t always smooth sailing. It took three years of experimentation and the mind of a genius to combine the ingredients and put this delicious drink in a bottle.

Each and every bottle of Baileys Original Irish Cream is made in Dublin, Ireland. The recipe is made up of one-of-a-kind blend of premium quality cream, produced by the Irish dairy cows, triple-distilled whisky and fine spirits. Vanilla pods and rich cocoa beans are combined with the cream that gives the drink its distinct chocolate character. All bottles of Baileys comes with a two-year shelf life, and is considered the world’s first and most favourite cream liqueur. To enjoy the best of its taste, mix it up in a cup of coffee or cake or even ice cream and indulge in the rich yet smooth chocolaty flavour of the liqueur.

Stock up on your mini bottles of Baileys, perfect for every occasion, small or big! Whether you’re topping up your collection at home or creating a Baileys miniature set for a friend or family member, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in our Baileys miniatures collection.