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Angostura Rum Miniatures 

Angostura is a leading Caribbean rum producer. The history of Angostura started in 1824 in the city of Angostura in Venezuela. Doctor Siegert, a doctor by profession first created an elixir to treat stomach problems. He then added spices and herbs to improve the flavours and the resulting drink became quite popular across the country. In the year 1875, the production of Angostura was moved to Trinidad because of the high level of taxes and duties on imported products in Venezuela. 

The making of Angostura rum involves the following steps: fermentation of molasses by adding yeast and water, distillation in column stills, aging of the rum in bourbon barrels and blending. Angostura has a range of drinks including 3 year old Reserva rum, 5 year old rum and the 7 year old rum. It can be enjoyed in a number of cocktails like Daiquiris, Cuba Libre and Mojitos or simply with coke. 

Shop for mini bottles of Angostura rum and experience a taste from the Caribbean islands like none other. Whether you’re topping up your collection at home or creating an Angostura rum miniature set for a friend or family member, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in our rum miniatures collection.